lundi 10 mars 2014


Since the beginning of the year I started exploring the Japanese Tenkara tackle market and particularly the hook offer. References are many and varied.
Today I have received some Gamakatsu "Amago Han Surehineri" hooks.

What does this name mean?
AMAGO:  Endemic salmonid species of Japan, one of the iconic Tenkara game.
HAN: means "half" 
SURE: means "thread" 
HINERI: means "twist" 

So we can translate AMAGO HAN SUREHINERI by "small barbed curved point hooks for Amago".

These are fine wire eyeless hooks with a metallic green finish, the curved point is to make hook setting more efficient. The small barb is really tiny so tiny I wonder if I have to do as usual and crush it with a clamp and risk to damage the point.

Like the rest of Gamakatsu's range these hooks are of prime quality and also very affordable as I paid only 200 ¥ or 1.93 $ for each pack that contains 15 hooks. 

The only fault of these excellent is that the more I buy the less I have in stock!

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