mardi 31 décembre 2013


Perhaps some of you know that I already edit the TENKARA NORMANDIE blog but I have realized that many people who are interested by this blog can not read it because they don't  know French langage so I decided to start a second blog in English.
The two blogs have the same goal which is to promote Tenkara as a fishing technique and as a philosophy. I am more on the traditional side of Tenkara for the reasons of efficiency and simplicity.
Traditional Tenkara is for me a good way to get rid of bad habits and useless equipment accumulated through out my fly fishing career.

That's why I decided to title this new blog "TENKARA ENSO", Tenkara is not for me only a fishing technique but a path to serenity. Isn't Tenkara supposed to come from heaven?

I hope that you will like my modest contribution to the Tenkara community, the Tenkara circle...