dimanche 13 avril 2014


After several days without fishing I have been back this morning on a local stream: the Bérence creek.
I did the season opening there and I was sure to be the only angler there; I am not going to the Sienne stream yet because it is full of anglers who only want to catch all the trouts stocked there before the new season.

Despite a shiny sun and a clear sky temperature is still low in this early spring but  my motivation is unspoiled, I am not going to take back a reeled rod at the first difficulties! Fishing small streams or creeks is challenging, each trout has to be deserved and errors are immediately sanctioned.

It was pretty hard this morning and it ended as I had foreseen: under the rain. While the weather was still not too bad it was good...

jeudi 3 avril 2014


A few days ago I did decide that my next tenkara outing would be on a stream I did not know and with the number os streams and creeks in my area I have a lot of choice.
I went on the Thar creek that flow around twelve miles from home, I only know this creek based on what some of my workmates who are anglers have told me about it; for some it is a good place with interesting fishing and for others it is only a waste of time.
I have chosen the area of La Lucerne d'Outremer because cards show the stream flowing through a forest and that is the kind of place I like most.

When I arrived on the bank of the stream that is about three feet wide I have seen that the water is gin clear and that the trees on the banks are very many. 

The depth is low and I estimate it is around 8 inches; there are many branches not higher than six feet above the water and also a lot of submerged wood; it is not going to be easy but it is surely going to very interesting. After a moment of observation to avoid fishing too many trees and to guess some of the potential trout caches I decided to put my gear into action...
Tuesday I had forgotten my sunglasses and today it is the camera's battery!

That is the reason why I have only pictures to share with you today.

It did not take too long to me before I realized that there were a lot of trouts in this creek but that it was not easy at all to find the places with enough room for good casting and efficient hook setting. But I was not there this morning to catch dozen of fishes I just wanted to check how precise I could be and how many trouts would rush to my kebari. I really like to see those little grey and yellow ghosts rushing like torpedoes when my fly enter their field of vision. 
To be more discret and gain room I decided to fish and move squatting and it was a wise decision.
Thanks goodness for this extended position is definitively uncomfortable!

These trouts are trouts from a creek, not huge but beautiful and not easy to reach. That is probably the reason why I love fishing in small streams: every fish caught has been deserved.

Not only these trouts are beautiful but I had the chance to spend a very nice moment in a small forest where the only sound to be heard is the water flowing. The last spot of this tenkara matinee was a beautiful waterfall.

I got this trout on my first cast and lost a bigger one after she made a very nice jump out of the water.

Then it was time to go to work and I have left this creek with the insurance to keep a good memory of it...Until coming back. 

mardi 1 avril 2014


After several windy days I had an opportunity to go back to the stream where I did the season opening.
A short summary in motion picture...

This outing was very nice, even though I had forgotten my sunglasses, and I think that I made progress since last year on two key points:

-Accuracy: I have been so precise in my casting, even when I was fishing with a western fly rod. Tenkara is, according to me, a fly fishing technique that consists in teasing the trouts where they are and not in waiting for them to betray their presence. If they do, good. Otherwise I take a little bit of time to observe the stream and try my luck.

-Enticing: When I released the first trout in the pool and saw another one rising about 7 feet from me I thought it was a good opportunity to test my discretion and my ability to make my kebari interesting in the eyes of a trout. There is a little more than one year that I fish Tenkara only and I think that my perseverance to fish only in the traditional style is beginning to pay. Fly animation combined with a good drift can really make a difference.

I will go soon fishing tenkara on streams I have never fished yet. That is, I think, the best way to improve my tenkara.