samedi 22 mars 2014


After a no fish outing yesterday afternoon where my main activity as to give the rod a walk, today, the first day of spring, I can not fish any stream in the area because of a full night of pouring rain. The river I live near by is like chocolate milk.
I have been waiting eagerly for this weekend that I wanted to be 100% tenkara so it was not possible to stay indoor today. I went to a pond that is not tinted because of rain and  enjoyed a half matinee of tenkara in difficult conditions.
The sun was very shiny but the ceaseless wind was very cold.

Fishes did not give any sign of activity and I had to search them in the depths of this pond. My gear was a rod, a line and a handful of flies; all of the same pattern and same size. It took a moment to find where the fishes were but I did find them but they were not very interested by food this morning.
Anyway my main goal was not to settle a score but only have a nice moment of tenkara after a long week of work. 

In my opinion this pond outing is better than going on a stream and accumulate frustration like many anglers I know in my area because they do not catch anything because of horrible conditions.
Conditions are not yet ripe to make fishing "easy"so I think patience is going to become a part of my tenkara.

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  1. Hey Christophe. I move over here from Tenkara Normandie. It's easier to read than the translated French.