mardi 4 mars 2014


Three weeks ago I did conclude my review of the Zimmerbuilt's Tailwater backpack  in stating my need of a super light and compact chest pack...A visit at Zimmerbuilt website was enough to find the perfect match for my need and my Tailwater backpack: the Tenkara strap pack

The volume of my fishing tackle has radically decreased and even a mainstream chest pack has become way too big and I would not have the possibility to hang it properly on my backpack...Unless I do a chore sewing!

This pack measures 6"x 4.5" x 2" and weighs only 1.5 oz.
It can be attached to any Zimmerbuilt pack shoulder straps thanks to 2 strong plastic clips.

It features three mini D rings for accessories, and that is enough in my opinion for an angler to bring only what he really needs.

This small strap is included in the pack, you can attach it to the cordura loops on the top of the Tenkara strap pack and wear it on your chest,on your shoulder or at your waist. This very simple strap is enough as the Tenkara strap pack is  done to carry only minimal gear, padding and reinforced seams are useless.
Now here is what will be my fishing tackle for the upcoming season:

A light and strong bamboo fly box.

A line spool.

A spool of fluorocarbon tippet and a nipper 

I think I fish better since I have got rid of useless accessories and gear, I am focused on the essentials.
I do not judge the ones who want to practice Tenkara like they do with western fly fishing and keep their oversized equipment but I think it is useless complexity for Tenkara. 
During the last season I did begin understanding the advantages of Tenkara because I had already begun my simplification process and it seems to me that I made good progress in this area. My simplification process comes from the fact that my Tenkara in streams is traditional. And the reason to stick to it is simple.
If traditional Tenkara anglers have never developed anything besides wet fly fishing it is for the reason they were commercial anglers and had no time to waste with useless and inefficient patterns. 

I think I will find my Tenkara. Having got rid of the useless tinsel of contemporary fly fishermen I have now the forthcoming years to develop my skills. 

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