samedi 8 mars 2014


Today is the trout season opening in France and like each year I submitted myself, of my own accord, to the ritual of the first stream fishing of the year. Like each year my gear was ready several days before, like each year I did hardly sleep and like each year this ritual really made me feel good!

As I have been doing for many years now I have fished the Bérence creek because it is only one mile from home and one of the very last wild creek in the area. The sun was very shiny when I arrived at 10 am but the wind was strong and cold. I like this creek because it is challenging. I quitely tie my fly to my tippet and then I soak it in the water which is very cold. 

I want it to dive from the first cast because I know that in this creek the trouts spend their whole life behind the rocks, in the trees roots, in the bank holes and will never rise to the surface in this  gelid water. It is up to me to make this kebari pass to their reach if I want to be able to fool some of them.

After two hours I had caught around twenty of these tiny trouts that are voracious enough to bite frankly a fly tied on an Owner Kuwahara size 3! It is now 12 o'clock and I am also hungry which means it is time to go back home.

I leave following the bank and making a few "last cast" but it is not the good technique, trouts are really harder to fool when fished downstream especially in such a tight and shallow creek. I manage anyway to catch one that is a bit bigger than the twenty others.

I could have insisted and perhaps catch a few more fishes but these two hours were enough for today.
I have until Sept. 21st to satiate my passion fo trout fishing so there is no use to darken as a crackpot.

After six long months of wait, the trout season is open!!!

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