dimanche 19 avril 2015

Kiji Kebari

Since I have started tenkara I have rediscovered the pleasure of tying beautiful and effective fishing flies with simple and natural materials. In the last three years I have created only one sakasa kebari pattern using some synthetic dubbing. And I have not fished with it at all during the two last seasons!
My favorite feathers are cock neck and saddle, partridge flank, hen pheasant wing. These materials have proven to make beautiful and effective kebari.
Lately I have been looking for good quality ringneck pheasant feathers, "church windows" to be more precise but I have realized that most of what I did purchase was low quality. Even though those feathers are not expensive I do not like binning half of a feathers bag. As my grandfather used to say: "Cheap is often too expensive".
If any of you wonders why these feathers are called "church windows" I think that the picture below will give you the answer.

Now I have found a reliable supplier for these feathers I finally can post something about the tying of a nice and effective kebari whose name simply means "pheasant fly". Fly tying is easy, it is only a matter of training. Trouts do not care if the bug they bite has been tied by an expert or a newbie!

The kiji kebari is a wet fly pattern to be tied on heavy wire hooks like the Owner Kuawahara Tenkara, the body is made of 6/0 tying thread. I use thread of this size to made the tying faster and the fly stronger. 

Perhaps will you find this video useful.

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