lundi 6 avril 2015

Sunday tenkara

After the rainy week I did decide yesterday to go fishing and enjoy the first sun rays of the weekend. The sky was clear but it was probably not as hot as one could expect.
Once on the stream I realized that my weather forecast was good because it was only 53°F! Even though it has rained a lot the week before the water low has not raised a lot but the stream has a tea-like color that I do not  like a lot.

In such conditions I know that it is hard to catch a lot of fishes so I take advantage of this kind of outings to improve my skills, especially casting accuracy. I never practice the arrow cast because of a personal choice and the fact that in my opinion this casting technique is not suitable with tenkara rods because of their delicacy. It is much more interesting to me to learn how to cast in tight and snaggy places than taking the risk to break my rod tip. 

I did catch a few small trouts and lost two bigger ones because of tree branches over the water that made my hook setting turn bad but after that is a part of the game. The angler can not win every time!
This season is starting very slowly, it is not surprising with such conditions but I am not stressed about that, spring is slow to come this year but patience is a gift. 

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