lundi 13 avril 2015

Spring sunday

The winter has been very long this year in my area but this time it seems that we have finally entered spring, all the signs are here. I went on a small local stream yesterday and I think that we are really close to fully enter the fishing season. 
Until my fishing outings have been pretty short and not very productive but I think this is about to change with the recent improvement of the weather. 

With the sunny weather the water level in streams is going to get lower and the water clearer, fishes will be more active on food and that will make fishing more productive and more pleasant. 

I did fish yesterday with my faithful Oni type 3 rod and a Takayama sakasa kebari and if it has not been easy fishing has been more productive than my previous outings. I caught a series of baby salmons in the beginning so I did skip this spot and headed upstream to fish only the fast parts and it was the good choice. I did catch several trouts along the bank, all were very strong muscular trouts. 
As it was the first tenkara outing with good weather conditions I stopped fishing and took a nap under a blooming cherry tree. 

After this nap I did fish a straight line with a pretty nice fast current covered by a dense and low canopy. It was really worth the effort! I did catch several nice sized trouts, in fact my biggest fishes of the season. 

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