mercredi 29 avril 2015

Last visit of the year

Since the season started I have always fished the same stream that flows nearby my home but today was my last visit of the year. The water level has dropped very fast and I do not want to disturb more the trouts, which are not many, any longer. Hopefully there are not a lot of anglers fishing on this stream.
This last outing has been pretty difficult because of bad weather, sunny sky but cold wind, and the growth of blackberries, nettles and trees make the access to many spots very difficult but that is what makes small stream tenkara interesting.

The gear used in the following video is the Nissin Kawashi 320 rodNissin level line (size 3)Fujino fluorocarbon tippet (号0.6) and a black Takayama sakasa kebari.

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