mardi 13 mai 2014


I continue my travel through the Japanese tackle catalogs and sometimes I digress...I received this morning some packs of hooks that are originally destined to be tied on spoons!
These are the MK2 from the Etanba company which was unknown to me before today.

These hooks are size 7 but the shaft is stronger and longer than for example the Owner Shinobi. The picture below gives a precise idea of the actual size of the MK2: 

As these hooks are made to be tied on spoons with a split ring they have a 2 millimeters wide eye and that can be an advantage for a late evening rise or for presbyopic anglers. 

These hooks are sold in packs of 16 for the price of 500 ¥ or 4.90 $.

Here are a few examples of kebari tied on these wide eye hooks: 

4 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful kebari's I like those hooks. Had to look up "presbiotic". Another fine post

  2. I have those type of small hooks for spoon or plugs from 6-7 different companies and eye or without eye(already tied eyes with nylon line for the use with spoon). I bought 2001 40-50 packets of different trout and salmon, bass and saltwater hooks from Japan and bought later online from Japan and still I have hooks for lifetime for trouts. Recently bought larger hooks for trout with honey comb shape and they are best hook to catch trout with bait or small spoons.

    1. I agree with you, these hooks are a very good anti hook off solution.