jeudi 1 mai 2014


I have been fishing for the last two months since the season opening with the same rod and it is now time to review it. Here is the Kawashi Professional 320 7:3 by NISSIN.

Like all (I think) Japanese Tenkara rods it is sold in a plastic box where the rod is in a cloth bag. It is easy to find rod tubes or to make one by yourself and in my opinion this system is good because you pay only what you want to buy: a tenkara rod.

The general appearance of this rod is quite flattering thanks to dark purple accents on eash of the 7 pieces, the cork is not the best quality on the market but to me it is not so important as I prefer a rod with good conception and realization than exceptional cork quality for the handle. 
The theoretical length is 320 but the real length 315. The closed length is 1'9". This rod is clearly designed for the tight and bushy creeks. 
The theoretical weight is 2.01 oz and the rod I am reviewing today, with its tip plug included, has the exact weight of 2.00 oz. 
The tip plus is made of supple rubber, its diameter necessitates that you screw it in the collapsed rod but this makes you sure that the plus can not move away by itself; the butt cap is made of metal, is knurled and features a rubber insert and a drain hole.

Like any other rod made by NISSIN this one features a perfect assembly, you can check any detail as many times as you want you will not find any defect. 

The best world to describe the rod action is "crisp". I have fished a lot with this rod since the season opening and most of the time in bad conditions because of gusty winds that are so common in my area and I have to say that this rod has a fast and powerful action that can face these winds. 
I did only cast level lines with this rod and I think, after two months of use, that the most fitted line size is 3. This makes false casting useless, to reduce to almost zero the line impact on the water and to keep good casting precision through wind. 

This excellent rod is sold at the reasonable price of 170 USD and I can tell you that once you have caught several trouts on this little beauty it is hard to put it back to the rack!

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