dimanche 25 mai 2014


I have been fishing for a while with this rod and I think that the time has come for an initial review of it, the new TENKARA TIMES "TRY 360 6:4".

Let's start with characteristics...The length is 366 cm and that is its exact theoretical length. The collapsed length is 57.5 cm for a weight of 62 grams. 
The rod comes in an extensible cloth sock and a plastic tube but Tenkara Times offers aluminium tube as an option. The tip cap is made of wood with a rubber insert and the butt cap is made of plastic with a rubber insert. This butt cap is not knurled but slotted. 

Like all Tenkara Times rods released to this day the blank is matt black with a purple touch and that makes these rods unique and easily recognizable. As usual with Tenkara Times rods the finish is very clean and without frills. 

I was a bit surprised by the shape of the handle whose diameter is strongly reduced in its half but once I fished with it I did realize that it was very comfortable and that the multiple possible positions of the hand were good even though I have a personal preference for the "butt grip".

I have almost fished with this rod in bad conditions wether it was gusty wind, thunderstorms or flooding streams but she did not disappoint me at all. It is perfectly balanced and that is, in my opinion, more important than its weight, its action is crisp fast and powerful and it gave me very good sensations when catching trouts with it. 
This rod works well with an angry trout at the end of the line that is determined not to visit your net!

I  fished a local stream with the TRY rod mainly in the fast parts and the rod did a great job. Give this rod a try with a size 3 level line and a soft hackle kebari and your enjoyment is assured!

That is a fact that TENKARA TIMES is going forward once again towards excellence. 

You can purchase this excellent rod by clicking here

Disclaimer: I was not able to include a video to this review because of my camera memory card crash so I will post some video footage with this rood as soon as possible. Thanks for your comprehension.

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