mercredi 30 mars 2016


The last weekend has not been devoted to tenkara fishing because of a violent weather event so I did spend a little bit of time with other activities related to my passion; I started reading an awesome book about which I shall publish something later, and I finally realized a tying video of one of my favorite kebari pattern: the Zenmai-dou.

I posted on this blog in July 2014 a detailed fly-tying sheet and some readers asked me if one day I would make a fly tying video of the zenmai-dou... This is now done!

I hope that you will like this home made video and perhaps will you want to try this kebari as in a tenkara fishing experience it is good, and even advised, to walk off the beaten path.
It is always a pleasure for me to promote these traditional patterns that are the result of a long evolution in the perspective to keep it simple and effective.

2 commentaires:

  1. Your fly tying videos are coming out quite well, enjoyed today's very much. Looks like I'll be adding another pattern to the list of kebari to tie.