dimanche 13 mars 2016

Trout season opening 2016

During the weeks preceding the day of the trout season I like doing outings on various streams of my  area to see what winter has made of them. The winter that just ended was soft at temperatures but very wet. It has rained a lot during the last weeks before the awaited date and it was therefore without haste that I did the final preparations for the opening of the trout season.

The last evening before the opening was dedicated to kebari tying and preparation of the backpack; knowing that the water level was very high on any of the many streams of the area still I prepared two rods. Their use for the opening day was undoubtedly going to very little but it can not do them wrong to get in the outdoor! 
I reached the edge of the stream on which I have done the season opening for many years, it was hardly day and I could hear nothing but the raging stream. I approached and realized that its condition was the one I had expected: the water was a uniform and opaque grey. There was not the slightest chance to catch a trout here.

I went upstream reviewing all the spots where I usually take the first trout of the season and it was all the same show everywhere: grey water, high level.  Many spots were inaccessible as the ground is so soaked and soggy  I would be in the mud down to the knee after three steps.

I continued this exploration and arrived about ten o'clock near the place where all the years I settle for the snack. Again everything was wet, the bonfire made more smoke than flames but I would not have exchanged my place for anything!

The fog which was very thick in the morning dissipated and the sun came out, it did not heat the atmosphere but it animated the surrounding woods. Knowing that I was not going fishing I took the time to eat at my favorite strain overlooking the creek and then quietly take the path that would take me back home.

It was long years since I had experienced a trout season opening day with fishing but the trout and fishing passionates  are dependent of weather conditions so rather than rail against bad fortune is better to try to enjoy this symbolic day of season opening from a different perspective. One never loses his time in the woods, along a stream even if you can not fish there, there is always something to observe. In a few days the spring comes, then I have some wonderful opportunities to spend days on the edge of a stream and catch some trout. It's just a matter of time. Patience is a virtue...

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  1. When our season opens in about 6 weeks (last Saturday in April) I don't think many streams will be available due to a LOT of snow. That's OK though, we really need the water. I'm patient, I can wait.