samedi 27 décembre 2014


Continuing the sort of the fly tying materials I have accumulated over the years I have found back some chenille I thought I had exhausted long ago. An opportunity for a new fly tying sheet!

1) Fix a Tiemco 3769 size 10 hook in your vise and wrap the tying thread dehind the eye to make           your kebari a neat head.

2) Select a partridge flank feather, remove the fluff then stroke the fibers against the grain. Catch the feather by the tip with tight wraps of tying threads then trim the excess above the eye.

3)  Take hold of the feather in vertical position and gently bend the fibers forward.

4) Wind the partridge feather around the shank and keep all the fibers facing forward after every             turn then catch it in with tight wraps of tying thread. Trim the excess of bare stem.

5) Catch in a peacock herl behind the partridge hackle and wrap it around the tying thread. This               simple tip will make the peacock herl thorax stronger.

6) Wrap the peacock herl around the shank to make your kebari a thorax then catch it in with the             thread and trim the excess. Do not forget to unwrap the peacock herl from the tying thread before       cutting off. 

7) Catch in some chenille by tight wraps of tying thread and trim the excess. 

8) Wind the chenille around the shank then catch it in by wraps of tying thread and trim the excess.         Finish your kebari with half hitches then cast off the tying thread. 

Your chenille kebari is finished!

2 commentaires:

  1. Interesting. I think Olive, Black, and Rust would be the colors that work here in NorCal. Too bad I'm such a lousy fly tyer or I'd give them a shot come Spring.