lundi 8 décembre 2014


Many people seem to have a strange idea of what is a tenkara rod and while they should ask themselves how to keep their rods in best possible condition for years they wonder what might happen if they break it.
The myth of rod breaking trouts has a bright future coming! A good angler treats his gear with respect and does what it takes to keep it in perfect condition for years, a bad angler believes in the myth of rods breaking trouts!

As a fisherman, tenkara blogger and tenkara tackle shop owner I always highly recommend to the anglers to be very careful in the maintenance of their rods. Treated well a tenkara rod will have a very long lifespan. You may have noticed but there is almost not any tenkara web-shop to address this issue, yet most never miss an opportunity to qualify themselves as "specialists" and even "experts".

Masami Sakakibara alias Tenkara-no Oni has a simple and effective method thoroughly clean up a tenkara rod. He had the good idea to share a video on this topic. This is very useful so I hope that you will be a lot to watch it and follow this good example.

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