samedi 19 juillet 2014


I share today two very good videos posted on Youtube and I think they are worth being shared because they demonstrate the uselessness of false casts.

Since I fish Tenkara I managed to completely eliminate false casts and replace them with "true casts", those who put my kebari in the field of vision of the trouts. As everyone knows salmonids feed mostly underwater and little on the surface. And never ten feet above the stream!

Some argue that false casts are used to cast a bit further but this argument which may be valid for fly fishing does not stand regarding a tenkara rod on which the line is fixed. 

If I fish only with unweighted wet flies it is because I am convinced that if some experienced Japanese anglers use this kind of pattern for decades they certainly have a good reason to do.

As said Masami Sakakibara in the interview I did with him in May: " Tenkara was done with a line and a fly and making the kebari sink was only done by using the streamflow."
These words are also included in many of the books published by Japanese Tenkara masters such as Dr. Hisao Ishigaki in his book "Very clear level line Tenkara":

I do not want you to fish tenkara like this or like that but it is inconceivable to me not to consider the experience transmitted by those who know the most about this technique. 

Give true light wet flies a try and you will quickly understand the advantages over weighted patterns and false casts. 

4 commentaires:

  1. Agree 100%. To me, one of the main advantages is that you can cast, drift, pick up the line, and make the next cast without false casting. I always wonder why people false cast so much in tenkara.

  2. My personal opinion is that tenkara rods can be used with weighted nymphs only with "heavy" lines like size号4 otherwise the balance of the rod/line/tippet is really harder to find.

  3. Perhaps, the false casting is an attempt to dry a fly so that it will float instead of sink?

    1. Perhaps but I have noticed that many people think that false casts can help them to cast further.