vendredi 25 juillet 2014


The man behind the famous Casting Around blog has opened his own Tenkara tackle web store:

The shop has a complete range of Tenkara tackle products (spools, lines, etc.) including the Tenkara Times "Try" rods. Finally a European company crosses the pond! These rods have been reviewed in Tenkara TalkTeton TenkaraTenkara NormandieTroutrageousTenkara Friuli and others across the world. If so many people have the same positive opinion about this rods there is a reason: They are good!

I wish Anthony to meet success in this adventure because he is true Tenkara passionate and I will follow with interest the shop's evolution. 
 I do not take big risks in writing that this store will be a reference. 

2 commentaires:

  1. It seems that Tenkara is busting out all over.

    1. You are right Mark! That is probably why we will see fly fishing companies trying to jump in the wagon.