mercredi 20 mai 2015

Waiting for better weather...

Since the beginning of the month the weather has been really terrible with loads of rain that make fishing very hard, that is the reason why I did not post a lot lately. The few outings I did were shortened by rain and that is why I have started working on some plans I had for next fall: tamos.
I have already made one that I use when fishing but I want to improve some aspects of my production while respecting what is in my opinion the authentic aesthetic concept and the original process used by Japanese craftsmen. 

It is very pleasant to work these pieces of wood and it is a reward to feel the need to make your own tamo and I must say that I am positively surprised by the number of anglers (mainly French ones) who get in touch with me to obtain informations about the making of tamos, the wood species used, nets, etc. 
This shows that in this country a small community of really passionate tenkara anglers is growing thanks to people who want to push their tenkara experience further than buying gear. I understand this viewpoint because it is a real great satisfaction to have a trout caught on a home tied kebari in the tamo you did make by yourself. 
I will try before the end of the trout season to post a complete step by step article about making a tamo.

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