jeudi 21 mai 2015

NISSIN Pro-Square Super Tenkara rods

I will write today a post about a series of tenkara rods that in my opinion is going to very successful in the future: the Pro-Square Super Tenkara rods. 

These are the entry level rods from the world famous NISSIN company and you shall not be scared by the names such as "entry level" or "basic model" because these rods have absolutely nothing comparable to the chinese made rods flooding the market today.
The Pro-Square Tenkara rods come in three lengths (320/360/390) and two different actions (6:4 and 7:3). The collapsed length of the rods is 1.87ft and the handle measures 10.6 inches.

The tenkara market is flooded with many entry level, I would even type "cheap", rods that are just ugly and believe me the Pro-Square Tenkara rods is really above the average with very well executed finishes. It is not the average rod with seventeen layers of yellow paint!
Aesthetic is not everything on a tenkara rod but adding weight to a poorly balanced rod with a flashy paint color will not do justice to this rod. 
The Pro-Square Tenkara rods that I have fished with, and I have intensively tested them in the three different lengths, are very nicely balanced for tenkara rods at this price level. 

When I did receive my first Pro-Square Super Tenkara rods I was surprised when taking it in hand by its weight which is really inferior to other entry level rods.
Here are the weights of the Pro-Square Super Tenkara series:
-320 6:4 (7 pieces) = 1.94 oz
-360 6:4 (8 pieces) = 2.12 oz
-390 6:4 (9 pieces) = 2.47 oz
-320 7:3 (7 pieces) = 2.12 oz
-360 7:3 (8 pieces) = 2.3 oz
-390 7:3 (9 pieces) = 2.82 oz

Having checked these theoretical weights I can certify that they are all exact.

The cork used on the handles of the Pro-Square Super Tenkara rods is of very good quality, I have been fishing with NISSIN rods for almost three years and I must say that their rod handles age well and the filler, when some is used, does not go away by itself. Some of older tenkara rods have deep cracks because of low quality filling used on low quality cork.

The bottom cap is made of aluminium and has a knurled edge and a drain hole, the end cap is made of supple rubber. This small black cap is very well thought in my opinion because its diameter is a little bit bigger than the rod blank and you have to screw the cap into the handle but you are sure that the end cap will not move when in place.

From my experience I would say that the main default of entry level tenkara rods is not their hazardous aesthetic neither their weight but the fact that they are adapted to the tenkara techniques of nowadays. They are not versatile enough and they are working out great with very light furled lines and that is exactly what I was scared about with the Pro-Square Super Tenkara rod. I have fished the whole series with furled, level and tapered lines and the rods did behave very well. 
You can read other articles about these NISSIN rods on the blogs of Chris Stewart Tenkara Bum and Il Muc A Pesca col Muc
This series of rods is without a doubt the best entry level tenkara rods available on the market today, they are not only nice priced but also, and that is the most important, very good tools for a tenkara angler.
European anglers can purchase these rods from TENKARASTYLE.COM and American ones can get it from TENKARA-YA.

4 commentaires:

  1. Plat/Japan also sells these rods:

    1. Tenkara-ya has better prices and they can get any tenkara related product while Plat is very limited in choice and more expensive.

  2. These are excellent rods -- for beginner or more advanced fishers alike. I prefer 7:3 Nissin rods, but the 6:4 are a smooth a silk.

    1. I think that NISSIN tenkara rods are among the very best on the market. These rods are very good with Fujino tapered lines, very accurate and balanced.