jeudi 28 mai 2015

First evening rise of the season

May has not been a very productive month for me as a tenkara angler, I have not gone fishing a lot because the weather can be summarized by two words: rain and wind. 
The level of water in the main streams of the area have not been so high for long and their waters are strongly stained. During the last days the weather has been a little better than the average so I did my very first evening rise fishing yesterday. This outing was short. We are very close to June which is supposed to be the door to summer but the weather is not sunny as it is supposed to be. 

This outing was only one hour and I did fish several spots that I know very well to be inhabited by a good density of only wild brown trouts but my approach was realistic about fish activity: they are not hungry at all! But I still better results than the duet of dry fly fishermen I talked to after fishing who were leaving the stream skunked because they had been waiting for trouts to rise on hatching mayflies. Perhaps will I practice dry fly tenkara if I were in an area where the stream conditions are favorable to this technique but for now when I am fishing at my local streams nothing can beat the yellow Takayama sakasa kebari I have had tied to my tippet  for three seasons now. 

I was fishing with the Oni Type II rod, a real one of a kind rod about which I will post a complete review later on this blog, whose soft action is really great for the angler who wants accurate casts and a slower casting stroke that allows the use of long light level lines. I was using it with the minimum length, in my opinion, that Masami Sakakibara had in mind when designing his rod: 5 meters. 

On the trail back to home I was smiling thanks to this short hour of tenkara. I had to adapt to the stream and weather conditions but I was rewarded by a little bit of success. When the water level will be lower I will do longer sessions and bigger trouts will be active on food.
Being on the right spot at the right time will be my only matter!

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