jeudi 14 août 2014


Paul and John continue to share their trip to Japan with us but this time their publication does not directly deal with fishing. The two guys behind Discover Tenkara are among the most active in Europe (and generally in the west) to publicize Tenkara as a cultural aspect and not only as a fishing technique.

They interest us today in Japanese cuisine shared with friends after a fishing trip. As usual the article is very interesting and this video is very appetizing!

Tenkara Food and Friends in Japan from Discover Tenkara on Vimeo.

2 commentaires:

  1. Years ago when I was a kid, there was a documentary called "Mondo Cane" that took you around the world and showed what people in other countries ate. I have never forgotten that show. Japanese cuisine was one of the places they stopped, but somehow I just can't get past the Octopus.

  2. There are a lot of cooking shows today on TV and after watching a few I noticed that almost of them treat cuisine as a technical or even artistic performance but fail to address usability and the simple pleasure of sharing a lunch with friends or family. Hopefully the Discover Tenkara video shows us that in Japan tenkara anglers have kept it simple.