vendredi 22 août 2014


Tenkara fishing leads some of us to question and change our gear and also the accessories we carry with us when fishing.

For some time I have realized that I was not satisfied by my accessories and that I was more and more interested in having some of them made by myself like Tamos.

I am lucky enough to be offered one of these authentic Japanese nets by a friend who is a fine fisherman and I thank him because this copy allows me to have a model made in the rules of art. It is simple yet beautiful. It is soulful. This is not an industrial product.

I now enjoy my fishing trips to collect wood but not just any. I am only interested by species which I found mentioned on Japanese websites or those advised by Japanese anglers who make their Tamos themselves. Some species are very difficult or impossible to find in Europe so in that case I choose the local species which is the closer in the family. 
Holly, yew, fir. Light and supple wood. That is no surprise, why would one make the work difficult with heavy and hard wood? 

It also gives me another reason to spend my free time in the woods which is always a good thing!

I do not know yet if I will be able to produce any Tamo really worthwhile but I think that if I am able to make a good use of all the informations I have found on the internet combined with the advices of some Japanese friends I will reach honorable results. 
It is also important to me to create something that fits my Tenkara that I want to develop through the knowledge and respect of the Japanese fishing culture. 

Now I have to be patient because I have no intention to spoil these materials by working them before they are dry which will take at least nine months. My reward shall be to create Tamos worth of the name.

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