mardi 12 août 2014


My fishing outfit has changed a lot this year, the vest was replaced by a strap pack, Montana's anvils gave way to real wading shoes and since I have them that fit better with my practice of wading I do not feel like wearing my chest waders anymore. These waders stay in their storage and have been replaced by neoprene gaiters.

After taking information from anglers with feedback about this kind of equipment I did choose the Keiryu model from the Japanese company Caravan
I opted for gaiters because I do not really need waders as I very rarely fish in deep places and when you walk a lot as I do when I go fishing a pair of waders reveal uncomfortable and take the wear very quickly. My gaiters are size L (the biggest in this model) and only weigh 11.6 oz! It is really much less than the weigh of any pair of chest waders.

These gaiters are made of 3 mm thick neoprene, the tibia zone is doubled, they close with a YKK zipper and this closure is protected by a velcro. The most obvious advantage of these gaiters have on waders is that in case you make a hitch on them they remain functional while waders with a snag immediately start filling with water. Combined with good shoes like the KR-1F these gaiters offer a permanent drainage. 

The velcro is very effective and it remains impeccably closed, may it be dry or wet. The zipper is a YKK so it is not a surprise to have a reliable operation.

The gaiters are secured to the shoes by a small hook like stockings are on any pair of waders. The upper leg ends with a hem made of flexible rubber foam allowing the gaiters to firmly stay in place when walking. 

This product is really excellent, it is not expensive (USD 58) and the comfort is truly exceptional. They come in three sizes and two colors. 
If you want to purchase these gaiters I invite to visit Tenkara-ya tackle shop. Keiichi Okushi who is the manager of the shop will give you all the infos and advices you can need. 

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