mardi 31 mai 2016

Post thunderstorm tenkara

Since my last tenkara outing the area where I live has faced highly unstable weather and many thunderstorms and as I have seen last weekend the streams still wear their stained winter dress but yesterday by the end of the afternoon  I wanted to enjoy the little bit of free time I had so I decided to visit the stream close to my home with the hope that I could fish in.
The sky was slightly overcast, the wind was low but I did think that the conditions were better than the previous week and I made my Oni type 1 rod ready. 

It was my first fishing session on this stream this year and my first observation was the number of trees bent by the winter storms or outright fallen into the stream.

If the water was stained in the mainstream it was clear on the edges. There were lots of insects emerging among which tiny black sedges and mayflies. 

I had four meters of the new Nissin Oni-ryu level line size 2.5 on my spool as well as a meter of fluorocarbon tippet to which was tied a Yamato kebari.

I caught the first trout of the day after casting a few meters upstream its rising spot. I quickly released it, walked a few meters to catch a second one after seeing it rise to a large mayfly.

Trout were active, and did rise easily to the surface thanks to the regular hatching of mayflies, my stealth approach combined with accurate casts and controlled drifts were rewarded by several catches. None of the trout seem to make any difference between the natural mayflies and my Yamato kebari.

Time passing by the wind got stronger and trout less active so I decided to walk upstream to a more sheltered spot. I did hit a small fishing spot that I like because I always find several trout in the quiet raws of the stream. If you want to train fishing without using weighted patterns that is the typical spot you have to look for. 

Accurate casts and controlled drifts are the keys to success in tenkara fishing; there is no need to knot or stick accessories to your line or tippet. A minimum of concentration on what you are doing is much more useful than the last fashionable gadget advised by fishing forums "experts".

Despite stained water, cold and high water trout were still moving for food.

The wind was rising and I did feel that the temperature was dropping as it has been almost every evening for the last weeks. I did catch a last trout and as it was gone back into its habitat I did collapse my rod, disconnected the line and did take the way back home. 

It was a short and enjoyable tenkara outing, I did not have the opportunity of a typical June evening rise but I still enjoyed these moments on the stream. Maybe next time...

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