lundi 9 mai 2016

A sunday between tenkara and photo

The weather was very nice last week, the sun was sunny every day and helped temperatures that were till then under the seasonal average rise so I have spent last sunday in the outdoors to enjoy tenkara and photography. 
This time I decided to go on a small stream, and not a creek, to check the water level as during the last months it has been very high on the whole of local streams. I did not know what to expect at all and I was positively surprised to find a clear stream which has many spots with dropping water level. But as I noticed when I started wading it is still very cold. 

I did quietly rig my Oni type III rod and knotted to my tippet a kebari that I have been carrying everywhere for several seasons now. I could name it a mayfly or perhaps "mayfly kebari" but I have used it for the whole 2014 trout season with only one variation, presence or absence of the peacock herls thorax, and I have no regrets about this experience. Anyway last sunday, at least during I was on the stream, there was no ephemera danica hatching. 

I only saw a handful of sulphur emerging and flying away without a single trout to rise and catch one.

I applied to accurate casts, using the current as best as I could to make my kebari go to the stream bottom as one can do if fishing tenkara as it is meant to be: using the line to cast and then keep it off water. I was rewarded by catching an amazingly beautiful trout. 

After releasing this beauty I waded a little bit upstream but it was not the good time, the sun in my back cast my shadow on the stream. On this stretch of the stream it is only possible to fish from one bank so I decided to collapse my rod. Better leave the trout alone. I walked down the stream slowly while taking a few pictures and thinking about the trout I had caught. It has been a short tenkara fishing session but very intense. 

Pleasure is the only measure a trout fisherman should ever take.

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