dimanche 8 mars 2015

Just in time for the trout season opening

I had posted in last august about my plan to make my won tamo and after six months I finally finished it this morning. 
I am proud of the result, even if I am sure that the next ones will be better, because before I started this project I would have never thought of producing my own landing net. 

I am satisfied of this first result because I have followed the traditional Japanese process and it has allowed me to work with ease and efficiency. The Japanese process has probably been refined through decades, if not centuries, so my opinion is that I, as a learner, can not bring anything positive to this process. This would only lead to waste time and money. 

My tamo is made of Oregon pine (Pseudotsuga menziesii), called Douglas fir in France, a very light and durable wood; the net comes from the Shimizu range of products. I did finish the tamo with a light layer of Japanese lacquer. 

It will still take a few days to land the first trouts with it!

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