mardi 24 mars 2015

A short outing

According to the calendar we are now in Spring but the weather is so bad that it is a bit hard to believe that winter is really finished. I experienced this phenomenon yesterday afternoon during a short outing that was interrupted twice by hail. Thai it why some of you will notice that on the video that concludes this post I have been fishing the same spot twice. The wind was powerful enough to make a dead branch, that has been suspended over the stream for long, drop in the water. 

This outing was also a good opportunity to get my Nissin Kawashi 320 on the stream as this little beauty is really awesome when it comes to fish in the wind. I did try my chance in many snaggy spots where trouts are not often disturbed by anglers but I did not have the expected results; only a few trouts rushed to my kebari but without biting. On the other hand I have some interesting spots on my list now. 

It is not so bad that the beginning of the season is so hard because it will make the fishing even better when the weather conditions are going to improve. The water is still very cold and even on this small stream where I have found a high concentration of caddis larvas trouts will not be very active until the first hatches. It is only a matter of time. 

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