vendredi 21 novembre 2014


After long years of absence in my boxes I will start again using my version of a nymph known worldwide for being so effective that its name is the "killer bug". 

This pattern was named by its creator, Franck Sawyer, an English bailiff on the Avon river who needed a highly effective to exterminate the graylings as this species was considered as parasite by the Army officers who owned the fishing rights on this stream.
It is now possible to find a very good substitute to the original Chadwick 477 yarn used by Sawyer on a few tenkara tackle websites and that is the reason why I will have this pattern back in my box.
A good killer bug yarn has, in my opinion, to have as characteristic not to be uniform color and to have a great translucency when wet for a bit of "realism". The skin of real nymph is not made of plastic or rubber, it is extremely thin and translucent. 
When I started long years ago to tie the killer bug it was the exact Sawyer's pattern but then I decided to tie it with a copper wire head. Tying this way allows to have a wet nymph on which you can see literally see the guts when it is wet.

I will not use any other weight on my killer bugs than wraps of copper wire. It gives me really light nymphs (0.005 oz for size 10!) which are compatible with my tenkara gear so I will not experiment the horrors of existential questions about the compatibility of this rod with this line, this line with this pattern, etc! 

I have always liked tying flies and I am still tying a lot,  not only for my web shop but also for the pleasure of having some to offer to friends of mine. I have realized a few days ago that I have tied so much in the past two years that the jaws of my Dyna King are totally slick! 
Now I have the good material to tie this pattern the way I like the vise is not going to be resting soon!

I had a little bit of time yesterday evening so I did a tying video of this excellent pattern, perhaps will it motivate you to make your vise heat up...

4 commentaires:

  1. What a gravity! ;)
    It's fun work out! The film first class!

  2. Thanks Tomek! This nymph is great, very simple to tie and the trout love it.

  3. A good looking scud pattern. Would work well on the lower Owens for Browns. I'm putting it in my pattern list.

    1. This nymph is almost universal, it works nearly everywhere. I would even say "anywhere".