samedi 20 septembre 2014


I had the opportunity a few months ago to purchase this this book and from the first time I have had it in my hands was rated one of the best books in my library fishing.

Ryutaro Ohno was born in 1953 in Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture  and he studied veterinary medicine before becoming an artist; it is the little information that I managed to find about this artist but this is not the most important.

The most important are the works and those of Ohno Ryutaro are fantastic; I spent a lot of time browsing the virtual galleries of dozens of artists in this style but I have seen very few whose works are as striking not only by their realism but also by their lifelikeness. 

The book is 30 x 21 which allows to assess some of these fish in size quite close to actual size. The attention to detail of Ohno Ryotaru is pushed very far and that's probably why these works seem so alive.

The last part of the book describes in detail the process of creating a gyotaku. As often in the Japanese books illustrations are simple, clear and explicit. I do not know if one day I'll try to make one, but at least now I have a clear idea of ​​how to do a gyotaku the way it has to be done. 
This beautiful 80-page book has 56 ichtyogrammes each more beautiful than the others. 

The following video is not Ohno Ryutaro but it shows the basic principle of gyotaku.

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