vendredi 14 février 2014


For some time I have been exploring the jungle of Japanese tackle companies websites and I can hardly believe how extensive are the catalogs. We believe in the west to know the Japanese tackle market but I think we only have access to the visible part of the iceberg. Hundreds if not thousands of references remain unknown to us.
Today my post will deal with hooks, Gamakatsu's Nano-Gure.

Let's start by the beginning! These hooks are called "nano-gure" which means that they receive a nano coating and that they are originally destined for fishing Gure also known as Mejina.

These hooks characteristics are:
-Narrow and short shaft
-Flat wire
-Ultra slick surface

It is not something new for me to use saltwater fishing hooks to tie freshwater flies because I have been doing it for streamers for years so I thought it would be interesting to try some for wet flies. These nano-gure seemed interesting to me because of their wide gape, super sharp point and very small barb that will be easy to crush.
A few days ago I posted a picture of these hooks on my Facebook and someone asked me if I bought these hooks in Japan...yes, I did! One can of course find some of the Gamakatsu references in the west but I am realistic and prefer buying them at their real price in Japan and having them delivered at home.
These excellent hooks are sold in bags of 20 for the affordable price of ¥300 (USD 2.90)...Why pay more?

Thanks to Keiji Ito-san and Yoshinori Yoshitake-san for their interpreter talent. Without your help it would have taken me a full day to translate this label!

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