vendredi 3 janvier 2020

A very difficult 2019 tenkara season

As I had planned a few days before this opening of trout fishing all the bad conditions had been met to make fishing as difficult as possible. On the opening saturday I arrived as usual at 7:30 am near the stream where I planned to fish but this year despite the distance which separated me from it I already heard it which is rather bad sign because when it happens it is that it is flooding.
Given the heavy rains that preceded this long-awaited day I was not surprised, I can even say that I expected it.

To access the stream I cross a wild meadow, always passing in the same place, and at each step I plunged up to my ankle in the ground so much it was soaked and once the stream in front of me I could only to notice its brownish hue which did not bode well. Usually this is where I prepare my rod and start fishing, but this time I didn't do it. I did not prepare my cane since the stream was impenetrable. So I went up the stream hoping that when approaching its source the water would be clearer but it was hardly lost; the eleven kilometers were uniformly stained by the silts displaced by the current.

This opening of the trout fishing season started very badly. March and April passed without any fishing opportunity because the weather was so bad. Finally at the beginning of May, spring began to settle in the area and I took the opportunity to devote a little time to fishing the local streams. The fishermen must have been really discouraged from the start because I did not meet anyone on any river which is rather rare because these small streams are usually well frequented by natural baits anglers.

I had to wait until the beginning of May to finally benefit from favorable conditions for trout fishing. From mid-June the drought and the heatwave did begin and I decided to stop fishing for this season with the hope that by the end of the season the weather would be seasonal and that the conditions would be good to at least enjoy September weekends to enjoy the streams. This was not the case since from the beginning of September the rain and thunderstorms were almost daily reducing to nothing any hope of ending this very brief fishing season by fishing.

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