mercredi 3 août 2016

July tenkara

The month of August has just started, so it is time to publish a brief summary of my fishing in July. After a month of June and its bad weather July was very hot which ultimately has been good because it has helped reduce water level in most rivers in the area.

I have been keeping throughout July the same strategy used in June: multiplying short fishing sessions (2 hours maximum) to adapt to temperatures so by fishing only early morning or late evening .

I fished the full month with the same gear : Nissin ZeroSum Oni 450 rod,  Nissin Ony-ryu 号 2.5 level line and my faithful Yamato kebari. Running out of rabbit dubbing I received by chance some samples of hare dubbing from a fly-tying materials company. Of course this does not alter the effectiveness of my Yamato kebari nor its function, it just changes a little its appearance. Trout, blind as bat, do not make the difference. 

August is starting with gray and rainy days, fishing is perhaps going to be less easy...wait and see!

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