dimanche 25 octobre 2015

Stroll on Bérence creek

I enjoyed this week of an afternoon bathed in sunlight to get a ride on the banks of the Bérence, a local creek which I like and where I have been doing some fishing trips for many years. Over the years I unfortunately could only note the deterioration of the general condition of the stream that is increasingly jammed with the inevitable consequence of siltation of many sectors deserted by trouts.

Saddened by this sight I walked away and went up through the woods.

Despite some recent rainfall and the temperature which is relatively high for the season I did not find any edible mushroom. As in many beech forest mucosal collybie (oudemansiella mucida) is probably the most frequent species and it would not come to my mind to eat that!

2 commentaires:

  1. Now that Winter is coming, maybe you can get a good wash on the creek and maybe the trout will return.

  2. Zdjęcia piękne. Przypominają mi pewną rzeczkę w mojej okolicy.
    Pozdrawiam z Polski !