jeudi 19 février 2015

A simple tip

Taking care of your tenkara rod is really necessary if you want to enjoy fishing with it for a long time. One can naively believe in the myth of rod breaking trouts or choose the side of common sense and admit that negligent anglers break their rods themselves.

If you do not take care of your tenkara rod that is not a surprise that one day you will end with stuck sections because of the dust collected within the rod. I have also noticed this winter that catching a big number of big trouts help the sections get stuck.
Many anglers think that they only have to take the stuck sections in their hands, press like a crazy and that the sections will collapse easily.

The pressure exerted on the segments is too high and you might have the bad surprise to break a section. Tenkara rods have a very small thickness of carbon fiber, they can resist to the band done by a trout trying to get free but they can not resist to high pressure on their walls. 
This is not the good way to loosen up stuck sections.

Get two foam rubber pads. These anti slip material will allow you to effectively hold each section and absorb a part of the pressure of your fingers on the rod. 

Put your ord on a table, place a rubber foam pad under the bigger of the stuck sections.

Put another pad around the smaller section that you want to collapse and close your hands on each section. 

Thanks to the pads of anti slip rubber foam you can now firmly hold each segment and make them slide. You can print a slightly twisting motion to your hands to make unwedging even easier.

I hope that you will find this simple tip useful in case you get stuck segments on your tenkara rod and that you will not forget how rod care is important. 

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