mardi 28 janvier 2014


The next trout season will start in a few weeks and like many anglers I am getting ready for the D day.
I have been fishing Tenkara for one full season and it radically changed my fishing and when I look at my fishing tackle I realize that I have accumulated much, too much, equipment that is not only useless and cumbersome.
I do not wear a fly vest anymore, I do not so much room to carry my Tenkara tackle consisting of a rod, a line, a spool of tippet and a nipper. All weighs 270 grams!

Not so long ago I was walking with all that in my pockets:

It seems to me that this simpli-fly-cation process concerns a lot of Tenkara anglers but not all of them. When I see this pile of fly boxes filled to the brim with hundreds of flies that have mostly never been tied to my tippet I wonder my self why I wanted so much to be the mule!

Tenkara fishing, sooner or later, makes one ask himself what is fly fishing and what is really useful to this fishing technique. "The more you know, the less you need", this simple motto is according to me the perfect definition of Tenkara. Now I know that I do not need a 22 pockets fly vest, a compact chest pack with just enough room for a simple and light tackle like mine will do the job. A well designed backpack is going to be more useful to me in the future than a fly vest.

It is no coincidence if the people who try Tenkara adopt this technique, it is simple and you do not need to get started. A newbie can be well equipped for a reasonable budget. So why complexify when one can simpli-fly?

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